The Reality of RV Living (and Goodbye, Bathroom Door)

photo of RV

If a person, as a kid … or even as an adult, had ever played sheet fort and sheet tent, or had gone into a cave and felt the wide-open intimacy of the space, or had maybe ridden in a train, boat, bus, or even an airplane and liked it, they’d probably appreciate the way an RV causes life to become a little more focused, a smaller target in which to channel all their consciousness and energy. In fact, in the beginning, there’s a certain uncertainty that “maybe all my shit CAN fit into a space 1/8th the size of my house!” though they know it never will so the disappointment sets in, the mind begins to figure out ways to hang onto a past existence, and the period of negotiation begins.

It’s short-lived. Soon the smaller home is saturated with stuff, the Place for Everything and Everything in its place philosophy out the window, and for me right now it’s too much of everything and no more place for it all. I went back to Houston to get more stuff last week (and it multiplied while I was gone; everyone reading this understands), carried in bins of the stuff I brought back, set them down inside the RV with no place for everything anymore, and am searching for tiny shotgun slots for it, then continuously repacking my previous stuff in favor of the latest. Everything seems important until ya run outa room. Make a note: don’t buy anything else. ever. ever.

So it’s rifle through more bins, take what I need, pack what will go to the new place once it manifests and is ready, and live with less.
I like that.
Quite a lot.

I’m making my new home livable while I get my house back in Houston ready to put on the market. I’m hoping for a fast sell so that I can get on with my Big Dream. Living in the RV is only temporary ~ there is far more ahead of me than caulking my roof against leaks, pulling up nastyass carpet so I can walk barefoot and not worry about someone else’s foot juice (this carpet is from 2012 so no telling what’s in it), and the thoughtful, sporadic, transient gardening in this small plot here on my sister’s land that I may end up leaving behind anyway. I’m a nester so I want life around me. It’s easy with a few potted plants on my lovely little wood deck but a full-on garden, a little vegetable crop, and lots of trees are in my near future (insanely cute dancing heart goes here)

Today, it’s putting up with the slight sauna effect of windows open on a day when the temps are in the 80s… I’ll crank up the a/c when it gets a little warmer. For now, I’m working to the tunes of The Allman Brothers band and a view of about a thousand cows. Among the many projects I’ve got going, I couldn’t stand the antilogistics of the bathroom door any longer so I replaced it with a curtain. It’s a good temporary fix until I can find a vintage (or self-built) very slender (24″) double louvered or glass door. If I build it myself, it can be plexiglass. NOT having a door there means one less major spot to hang my scarves, but I’ll live with that.

Before - the imposing bathroom door
Before taking it off the hinges. Dark and cumbersome, it crowded the hallway. I couldn’t step into the bedroom till I closed the bathroom door. Good Feng Shui but this is ridiculous.
The hallway is bright, functional, and I can zip right through without a wooden door bouncer stopping me. I just might go with a nautical theme in the bath… happy accident