I’ve been making a few behind-the-scenes changes (back-end stuff) on the website so I’ve opted to include the RV Life updates on the mainpage – for now. Hang with me; between a great day job, unpacking, repacking, renovating-lite, a business course, driving 200+ miles to Houston and back in a day – 6 times so far, plus remembering to eat… and sleep, I haven’t had much time to do anything else. Where’s that simple life I was after??

The latest addition has been my Redneck Gate. The bro-in-law devised a rather clever way to ‘install’ a gate so that the little fence I put up around Stella would be more effective.

At the front of my RV are two medium sized oaks, side by side, and he figured a gate would fit between them. Having done construction most of his adult life, he figured right. He had a couple of gates, brought one over, and BAM, it fit like the trees had been planted for just that kind of service.

A little Northern ingenuity coupled with a bit of Southern engineering, and my mini-farm has itself a GATE! It opens both ways and closes easily so I’m never stuck dickerin’ with it.
Take a gander and bask in awe…

The Redneck Gate (and your little Farm Dog, too!)


More Farm Dog, but she was shaved yesterday and looks NOTHING like this now