Changing Lanes

photo of landscape

The full-on intention of my writings began as a chronicle of my RV adventure, having moved from a 4 bedroom 2,240 square foot house to a 360+/- square foot 5th Wheel, and onto my sister’s property, while I search for a new place to call home.

But what’s happening in my life is far more than just that – I’ve done a 180 in so many ways that it’s been hard to contain it all. Hence, my lack of blogging and cohesion in reference to this adventure. But that’s okay. I can afford to vacillate, to switch gears, to move about the cabin and to, of course, change my mind.

I’m now following a ‘Frugality Challenge’ brought to me by the incredibly entertaining and engaging FI blog of The Frugalwoods until the end of the month and, not only has it changed my thoughts about money, it has changed me. I’ve always been frugal, saving what I can over the years, so I was interested to learn more ways to sock away more money, but deep down it is transforming me. I’ve been interested in the FIRE movement for awhile now but hadn’t put much merit in it…. until a couple of months after I moved here. THEN it all began to hit me.

I’m figuring out ways to save money, sure, but also in my search for property I am deciding on how much land (if I get acreage) and if I will get a conventional site-built house, a manufactured home, a container house – built in southeast Texas (Houston’ish!), a lake house, or maybe build one myself as I had planned on doing when I owned property in Washington County.

The sky’s the limit and my imagination can run pretty wild with such options. Stay tuned, there will be more organization here and more on how this journey will take shape soon.
Oh, and Stella the RV rig is still getting her beauty parlor treatment as the days go by. More on that, too. Here’s a little snippet of that as I continue to paint these walls


My favorite cow next door is marked for death so it makes me terribly sad
photo of a white cow in a pasture
She adores my white pup… maybe she thinks it’s one of her people