We’re in some shit on this over-tapped planet and it’ll only get deeper if we don’t all begin curbing our massive consumption. Repeating myself (as I’ll do a gadrillion times before I’m done) moving here has changed me. I’ve always been a recycler, upcycler, kitchen and garden waste composter, and general conservationist, but these are the times that try our souls. We are IN the very thing that was predicted toward the last decades of the 20th century – we are living within the massive destruction, and eventual extinction, of the planet. And not enough is being done about it.

In addition to researching solar for the RV, I’m beginning to study all things sustainable for when I move out of here and into another place I might finally call ‘Home’ and, dammit, I am learning a LOT. For one: most people who’ve gone sustainable-living say they wished they’d done it sooner. IT’S COMPLICATED, yes but, once done, it’s NOT complicated. It’s also doable on many scales, my latest being living closer to the Earth, feeling the ground beneath me, having that smaller “footprint” and leaving things better than I found them.

Isn’t that the way it always should be?

I’m in contract to buy a place = 5 acres of land with an older home placed around the early eighties. I want to see the final deed, see how it all began and who owned it before. A Realtor recently told me that most title searches can go back as far as the very beginnings, in the 1800s when land in Texas was traded or purchased from either indigenous people or the Spanish settlers (so all you anti-immigration freaks – guess again. WE are the immigrants.)

I won’t take Stella the RV to the new property because I’m afraid she’d belly out on the rough roads leading to it, opting to either lease her out to vacationers or sell her. That makes me really sad and I hope I get to keep her. I love her. But I will build. Small housing, perhaps shed-to-house conversions, doing it right and eliminating all the crappy materials like chip wood, MDF board, PVC and plastics of any kind, and managing the project myself so it’s done right. Living here I realized early on that I don’t need much space. I don’t even need my antiques and those unnecessary tchotchkes. Now the necessary tchotchkes I will keep! making them keepsakes. For the sake of keeping. So I can always remember who gave them to me and wish their souls well on their own journeys….

But I digress like a madwoman, and my reality is: The work is about to begin. I’ve been in a holding pattern for 5 months now, diligently working on the RV, working on finding a place to move to, working on rebuilding family relationships, but the real work awaits me in the form of building a Life. We’re in the options period where we check out everything to ensure it is sound and livable, safe and doable.

As usual, I’ll keep you posted.

photo of a country road surrounded by trees
House Hunting, always a nice drive out here…

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