Update, May 17, 2019
Pulling up carpet is still on hold because I found the perfect stain for the new wood steps … yet to be delivered to Ace Hardware. They, being sweet people, took down my name and will call me to save a third trip to pick up the new stain. Problem is: I have to have the steps ready to install because the old steps will need to be demolished and, this being a high-traffic area, I need the pass-thru, right-of-way access. And so do the cats.
Yeah, that stain is AMAZING…. so I wait.

Begin day: April 24, 2019
A couple of days ago I wanted a quick nap so I reclined in one of the Sumo Wrestlers and closed my eyes. Within minutes – on an uncharacteristically humid day – I began smelling something horrible and strangely familiar… beer puke. The previous owner had apparently allowed beer puke to soak into the carpet and dry up, and this muggy day was bringing out the worst of it.

It was time.
After watching way too many videos and reading RV blogs about pulling up this nastyass carpet, I knew I was soooo not ready for that level of work but… here we go.

A good place to begin – where the carpet meets the vinyl at the bathroom threshold

I decided to begin in the worst spot (well, maybe second only to the bedroom and its funky raised edges and tight spaces): at the STAIRWELL. It’s only two steps and a landing, but all the carpet there is tucked inside the stairs’ building materials, so starting on the space via the bathroom threshold seemed to work well. I also figured it’d be great practice for the rest of the RV. Replacing the carpet with either peel-and-stick flooring or sheet vinyl can be the first thing to make this place a little more livable, while the rest of the renovations can wait till after I’ve sold my mortgaged house. Normally, I’d begin with painting or papering the walls, using this nastyass floor as a drop cloth but in this case: get this horrid fuzz crap outa here before I add to it.

So I start ripping out the edge, then cut along the line from the bath to the outside wall so I can take up this crap easily and toss it.

There are thousands of carpet staples, and it was laid on top of the vinyl, some of the carpet having been doubled over at the edge, making for more staples and old carpet dust.

This is way too much fun. And by ‘fun’, I mean torture to my fingers, lungs, and mental well-being.

It took over an hour to get the small landing space and first-step carpet up, the latter having been glued and trimmed in tight. I thought many times I have a job. I can afford to hire someone to do this. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

My bro-in-law set out some tools for me to use but graciously declined my offer for him to help. Smart guy. He’s obviously done this before.

More pictures below of Quality Control, the amount of staples I’m having to deal with, and the abject grossness of the process.

It isn’t easy and it isn’t fast, but it’s all about pure preparation. I watched a video of a Canadian guy prepping his van for new flooring. He used some blue goo, painted it on as a sealant, then glued down a thin layer of what looked like sheet foam as the base for his flooring. His video bored me to tears so I don’t know how it ended. I could only take about 3 minutes of that, which seemed like HOURS. Canadian dude! Lighten that shit up!!

For an update on the stair step redeaux, check out this slideshow….

The Whole Area
TOO. MANY. STAPLES. and double the carpet at the edge
A hole in the work
There was a hole so they patched it with WALL material. Of course.
Board covering carpet
Having to remove an edge board to get to the tucked carpet behind it.
My cat likes to check my work
Quality Control ala Scala
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