Living in an RV isn’t for pussies ~ I discovered a huge treasure trove of glitches the moment I walked in (it’s pre-owned, of course) and now understand why previous owners get upgrade fever.

I intend to renovate as best as I can while I also look for land upon which to build but, for now, we’re going Reno-Lite so I can save for land and a house, but I need to get rid of all this WOOD and get some LIGHT AND COLOR around me!

My own gigantic body of art won’t fit but fortunately I’ve collected a wonderful array of paintings, tiny sculptures, and little “charms” from artist friends that I’ve already festoon’d this place with. Makes it kinda marvelous, having my peoples’ work around me. That’s all I really need right now because it reminds me of how much I adore them. I miss every one of them and look forward to when I am on my little patch of Earth, when they can visit and celebrate all that we’ve conquered.

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